Trust Me Not is a band out of New York and Boston, originally called Babareef.  We first all met many years ago while at Northeastern University.  Babareef was a crazy mix of funk, jazz, jam band, and folk.  While it’s been many years since we actively toured and lived close enough to play music on a regular basis, we still get together and make music once in a while.  Our latest album, “I Love You This Much”, is a result of our last weekend playing together, and many, many nights tracking and emailing.  The album was mixed and mastered at New Alliance East.  Our music is a reflection of growing up since college, and deals with all the interesting changes we all push through as we hurdle through space and time.   Love, loss, moving on, finding new reasons for living, and learning how to struggle and appreciate.


Current lineup includes:

Gina Rebelo – Bass & Vocals

Josh Saloio – Drums & Percussion

Anthony Crema – Guitars

Matt Crema – Piano & Vocals

Ryan Patterson – Vocals & Guitar